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Festival & Event Collaborations

With over10 years experience in the well-being event industry hosting talks, online webinars and
small-scale local shopping events, I am now available for collaborations with small businesses and local event companies
to add an extra element to any event, festival or workshop focussing on well-being and health. 
My contacts range from large-scale event founders such as Mind Body Spirit London to a range of well-being
specialists such as 
therapists, nutritionists, clinical herbalists, shamanic drumming, healers, authors,
breath work coaches and more. 

In 2023 I collaborated with the team at Todd In The Hole Festival to expand their festival further; bringing a 

'Wellness In The Woods' area. This brand new area brought festival-goers with other interests to the event, with the 
wellness area including two days full of workshops, talks, therapists
, wellness shopping 
and elements such as a 'gratitude tree' and 'happiness wall'.


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