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The negative situations will disappear in a puff of smoke...

I started practicing my “gratefuls” as I call it about 7 years ago , I had some personal stuff going on in my life and found that I was often thinking very negatively which was impacting on so much of my life!

Taking things for granted is a major cause of negativity because when we take things for granted we are not giving thanks in return and then we start complaining and then it seems we have so much more to complain about !

So the good news is that is it impossible to be negative , criticise and blame when you are grateful. It is also impossible to feel sad or have any negative either. And even better news if you have any negative situation in your life currently , it won’t take a long period of time to transform them with gratitude.

The negative situations will disappear in a puff of smoke- just like magic!

As difficult as it may be, you HAVE to look for something to be grateful for in the negative situation, it may be hard at first but find Something even small to start with…

So let’s start today , you may want to write your gratefuls in a beautiful journal , or write it on small scraps of colourful paper and put them all in a jar.

(then you can take them out if you are feeling a bit sad and read them and feel joy )

I usually write three a day ….

So my three today are

I am so grateful that I have worn my walking boots in, now they will take me on many miles of walking .

I am so grateful that I live in the countryside and surrounded by nature.

I am so grateful that I work for myself and can choose my hours and if I want to have a cup of tea and sit and put my feet up anytime I can .

What are your three “gratefuls” today?

Try the practice every day for at least a month to 8 weeks , you will notice your mindset changing it is literally incredible!

Lots of love

Tracie x

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