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Minimise Morning Stress

Minimise your morning stress -

What is the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up? Do you wake up and think today is going to be a beautiful day and bounce out of bed? or do you wake up feeling the opposite and start to feel stressed?

Becoming more alert to morning stress is the first steep in eliminating it.

Where does your morning floe come unstuck?

What distracts you and makes it harder to get going?

One way to put some positive vibes into your morning flow is to limit the amount of decisions that you need to make, be more organised and in control of how your day is going to be and feel

Planning your morning routine will make it easier for you to get up and ready for the day, choose what you are going to wear the night before and hang it on the front of your wardrobe.

Set your alarm with enough time to shower and get ready without rushing.

Prepare -If you need a packed lunch for work, prepare it the night before.

Get your bag ready with everything that you need and leave your keys nearby or in a specific place so that you can find them straight away.

Play calm music when you wake up so that it starts to get you into a calm morning flow.

Have the same healthy breakfast, put your bowl and cutlery out the night before and prepare overnight oats so they will be ready to eat.

Keep everything simple and straightforward so that you can start your day with a smile and feel calm and ready for the day ahead.

Recipe for Overnight Oats


You can add all types of fruits my favourite are strawberries and blueberries, Mango is great too. Try different mixes to find your best flavours.

1 Cup of Oat Milk ( or other dairy free variety)

1 Cup of oats

1 1/2 cups of Plain Greek yoghurt ( full fat not fat free)

1 tbsp cinnamon

2 tbs Honey

1 cup of fruit

2 tbs Chia seeds


Add the milk,oats, yoghurt, chia seeds, honey cinnamon to a large container or glass pots.

Stir all together so that they blend well seal the pot or jar and place in your fridge.

Serve with your favourite fruit in the morning.

This will be a portion of four.

Layered Overnight Oats

A slightly different option to the above method.

Add milk to the Jar, layer the Greek yoghurt, chia seeds and fruit and berries. Refrigerate overnight. Add Honey and eat!

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